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    Singapore delegate visits Aryans Group of Colleges

    Mohali 7 August

    A delegation from Singapore based Company “Six Capital” visited the campus of Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh today. A seminar was also organized on the occasion in which Mr Freddy Lim, Assistant Head, Training & Trading, Six Capital was the Key Note Speaker. Mr Sankaranarayanan Vishwanath, COO & CFO, Six Capital and Ms Sangeet Growar, Head, India Operations, Six Capital were also present on the occasion. Dr Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group of Colleges presided over the event. Aryans students were also offered a package of 1.5 lac per month by the Company.

    Mr Vishwanath while interacting with the students said that Six Capital will establish a FX Utility Trading Centre at Aryans Campus to provide free Foreign Exchange (FX) Training to Aryans students. After the training, students with outstanding performance may be offered an internship with “Six Capital” in Singapore. He added that that Aryans is the first Educational Group of North India to have MoU with this Singapore based Company.

    Mr Freddy Lim said that the global financial crisis has resulted in huge volatility amongst the major currency pairs. The need for FX trading talent in the coming decade is increasing globally. The Indian market has a large pool of fresh and young graduates who are looking for their first career in the Finance Industry with huge growth potential. Six Capital can offer them exactly that.

    Ms Sangeet Growar said that soon Six Capital will be launching training programme on foreign exchange (FX) trading at Aryans campus. The 12-week long course is designed to train aspiring individuals into professional FX Dealers. It aims to build their foundation by training participants on the basics of FX and how markets operate to achieve small, consistent profits under all market conditions.

    It is to be mentioned that Six Capital is a centre of excellence for foreign exchange (FX) trading and training. Founded in July 2009, Six Capital is headquartered in Singapore with a 60-seat FX dealing room at the SGX Centre located in the heart of Singapore’s financial district.

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    Aryans Delegation visits renowned Educational Institutions of Singapore

    Mohali 26 April

    A delegation of Aryans Group of Colleges visited Singapore. The delegation has visited various Educational Institutions to work for the possibility of International Collaboration, Technical know-how, student and faculty exchange Programmes etc.

    During weeklong stay, Aryans Delegation under the leadership of Chairman, Aryans Group, Dr. Anshu Kataria has visited various Universities and Colleges of Singapore including MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore), NUS (National University of Singapore) and many other institutions also. The delegation also visited Asia's headquarter of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business, USA.

    During the meeting the delegation explored the feasibility to work closely in promoting education, exchanging ideas for the upliftment of higher education between each other.

    Mr. Parthipan, Country Manager, Management Development Institute of Singapore; Prof Quah Cheng Guan Michael, Director, National University of Singapore;(Ms) GOH Bee Lian, Senior Manager, Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business extended their good wishes to the delegation and appreciated the step taken by the team. They further said that such educational collaborations help in promoting education at a global level, which will help in developing student’s knowledge, confidence and other skills.

    It is to be mentioned that Aryans have already entered into a number of Tie-ups/Collaborations with Foreign Institutions/Companies. This year the college has signed MoU with many renowned colleges like Sprott Shaw College, Vancouver; University of Fraser Valley, British Columbia; Six Capital, Singapore; Loyalist College, Ontario; Pearson Education Services etc.

    The college strives to provide a quality education for students to develop critical, analytical, and creative thinking, and to promote academic excellence at the national, regional and international levels.

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    Government owned Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB), Dublin (Ireland), has joined hands with Chandigarh based Aryans Group of Colleges (AGC).

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Professor Fergus Rea, Head of International Affairs and Dr Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group, at Chandigarh Press Club. Professor Cormac McMahon (Academic staff engineering department, ITB) and Mr John Cooke (education collaborator, ITB) were also present on the occasion. It is to be mentioned that Aryans Group is coming up with Engineering College from this academic session. This MoU is an important development for Aryans' Engineering Project.

    Mr Fergus Rea, while speaking on the occasion said that the European University keep on updating their course curriculum on a regular basis according to the needs of the industry. With the change in technology, they also make necessary changes in their teaching methodology. He further added that this MoU with Aryans Group would help the students of Aryans to update themselves with the fast change in the world.

    Dr. Anshu Kataria while throwing light on the international tie-ups said, “As we are coming up with Engineering Project very soon, so ITB would provide technical support to our Engineering College and this would facilitate our students from the very first day." He added that Aryans Group would try to collaborate with other top American and European universities also to offer various International courses in Chandigarh.

    Mr John Cooke said that in last 6 years he has visited most of the states in India as India is emerging as fastest growing economy in the world. He added that "We are glad to tie up with Aryans Group, which is one of the fastest growing group of colleges of Chandigarh region."

    Professor Cormac McMahon said that all of the courses of ITB are validated by world's top MNCs like Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Intel, Yahoo etc. He further said that "We have collaborated with these MNCs for research programmes also."

    ITB is located in Blanchardstown, which is a growing suburb of Dublin. The institute has 2 academic schools- the School of Business and Humanities and the School of Informatics and Engineering-each of which offers several trades both at the Bachelors and the Masters level. It offers various full time, part time and post graduate courses to the students to help them acquire professional skills while in a job.

    Prof. D.C. Kataria, Vice Chairman, Aryans Group; Dr. Parveen Kataria, Director General, Aryans Group; Dr. K. K. Mangla, Dr. D. P. Singh & Dr. A. S. Balgir were also present on the occasion.

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    Fontys University,Netherlands joins hands with Aryans Group, Chandigarh

    Fontys University, Netherlands has joined hands with Chandigarh based Aryans Group of Institutes (AGOI). The agreement regarding this was today signed by Ms.Gidy Lanen (Director, International Business, Fontys University, Netherlands) & Dr. Anshu Kataria (Chairman, Aryans Group of Institutes) in Chandigarh Press Club.

    Ms. Gidy Lanen said that India is one of the fastest growing country of the world and Fontys University wants to tie up with the reputed organization of India for expanding Fontys base in the world. She said that collaboration with Aryans will be beneficial for both Aryans & Fontys, because number of Indians especially Punjabi are going abroad for higher studies.

    Dr .Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group said that, Aryans Group would try to collaborate with the top American & European universities to offer the International courses in Chandigarh. Dr. Kataria further added that efforts would be made to bring more students from African & Asian in Chandigarh for Higher education.

    Mrs. Roopali Khurana, Faculty, Fontys University said that now both organizations would work for Student Exchange & Faculty Exchange. She told that Fontys University with 33,000 students and 3,500 staff members is the largest University in the Netherlands. They offer 120 bachelor programmes and 17 Master programmes in English, German and Dutch in 35 different schools.

    Prof. D.C. Kataria, Vice Chairman, Aryans Group; Dr. Parveen Kataria, Director General, Aryans Group; Dr. K. K. Mangla, Dr. D. P. Singh, Dr.Manjit Kalra & Dr. A. S. Balgir were also present.

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