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    Anti-ragging Policy

    "Ragging is a crime which hurt the emotional and the physical confidence of an individual. It sometimes also led to suicide activities. Students tease and embarrass their junior and asking them to act on some shameless activity. Ragging is a negative interaction between the new and old students."

    Aryans Group of Colleges strongly prohibits the act of ragging. A college is a place of knowledge, enjoyment, friendship where you can collect lots of memories. Aryans Group of Colleges strictly against those who perform this type of actions. We take undertaking by each student and his/her parents or guardians. The college helps students to gain their confidence and always boost up the energy of students. The college takes strict actions against those who found performing ragging. Aryans Group of College has several helpline numbers for informing about any actions against the same.

    Aryans Group of Colleges is one of the best colleges to impart quality education and run different courses like Engineering, Management, Education, Polytechnic, Nursing and Law. Students from various states of India like J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chandigarh, and Punjab are studying here, and the college is a combination of different cultures. In spite of having different cultures, it had never suffered any negative actions among students. If anybody found doing, the college takes strict action against those students.

    Aryans supports Anti-ragging

    • We take declaration of anti-ragging forms from the students.
    • We made an announcement regarding anti-ragging policy at the very inaugural ceremony of the session.
    • We always appoint some special guards to keep track of students who break anti-ragging norms.
    • Important contacts of management committee are provided to all new students to inform about any case of ragging.
    • We organize different types of tech fest and cultural activities for the interaction between a fresher and senior students.
    • Faculty members perform strict tracking of students in the classrooms.
    • Freshers and all other students are not allowed to do anything against their will even if it is ordered by the senior students.
    • Freshers or any other students whether victim or witness must report to the given help lines number immediately.
    • Sudden checking of hostel students to avoid ragging in hostels.
    • New students are allotted room together to avoid ragging of students.
    • We organize freshers party for students at our campus to get positive interaction among students.

    We are proud that our institution aims at maintaining healthy and ragging free environment and hope to create a peaceful environment. We are abiding by all rules and regulations of government. We raise the confidence of students not to demoralize them.

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