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Governor launches "Aryans Safety Helmet"

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  • Governor launches "Aryans Safety Helmet"

5 engineering students of Chandigarh based Aryans College of Engineering have developed a unique GPS and GSM based Safety Helmet. This innovative project of the Aryans Kashmiri students aims to provide timely first aid facility in case disaster happens at construction/ mining/ industrial sites.

Christened as "Aryans Safety Helmet," the project was today launched by Governor Punjab & Haryana, Sh.Kaptan Singh Solanki in Raj Bhavan, Haryana. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the event. Sh. Solanki while launching the helmet said that we lose thousands of lives at construction sites due to their untraceable location. This helmet will really help us to locate them at a much faster speed. Sh. Solanki appreciated the initiative taken by Aryans students and added that this Helmet is an innovation and also a wonderful project.

S. Gurdeep Singh, HoD, Civil Department, Aryans Group said that this unique helmet consists of three main Parts i.e. GPS system, GSM module and Antenna. Firstly GPS system will receive signals from satellite through an antenna attached to it. The information retrieved from these signals is fed to GSM module. GSM module has a sim card slot which will transfer this information to the system. He added that use of particular web link enables us to locate the position of that system on a google map.

Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah, students' group leader said that "According to recent survey we lose approximately 1000 lives per year while working at their jobs and one out of every five of them is at construction sites. Most of these deaths occur due to non-availability of first aid in time. So this helmet will help us to find the persons under debris and to provide help as early as possible.

Hanan Bashir another student who hails from Srinagar said that this helmet will help us to locate persons under debris or scrap in case of an accident. GPS will work with satellite and transfer information to GSM. We can locate position on google map by using a link.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group said that with the fast change in technology, students are coming up with fresh and innovative ideas. Earlier to this also Aryans students have done many wonderful innovations like "Aryans Android App", "Save Kashmir Android App", "Life saving Glove" to name a few. Giving more information Sajid Zahoor, Javaid Ahmad and Suhail Ahmad said that they are working on further improvement of the device by installing a sensor based emergency button. The button will turn to an alarm in case the person requires first aid by sensing the pressure or other emergency need.

On the occasion apart from others Mr. Himanshu, Ms. Punika Mahajan, Ms. Shashi Katnawer and Ms. Ashima Dhiman were also present.

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