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8th Athletic Meet held at Aryans Campus

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  • 8th Athletic Meet held at Aryans Campus

Mr. Jim Whiteway, Dean, Loyalist College, Ontario, Canada was the Chief Guest

8th Athletic Meet was held today at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh. Over 2500 Students of various courses like MBA, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, B.Ed, BA, GNM & Polytechnic participated in this Athletic Meet. Mr. Jim Whiteway, Dean, Loyalist College, Ontario, Canada was the Chief Guest and Sh. J.K. Jain, SDM, Rajpura was the Guest of Honour on the occasion. The Meet was inaugurated by Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group.

The whole event was divided into three parts- Indoor Games, Outdoor Games and Fun Games. The Outdoor Games included 100m and 200m Races, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, Relay Race, Discuss Throw, Shot put etc. The Indoor Games included Table Tennis, Chess, Carom Board and Badminton. The Fun Games included 3 Legged Race, Tug of War, Sack Race, Eating Noodles, Finding Balls in Mud, Dog and the Bone, Balloon Stomp and Catch the Tail of the Dragon.

Dr. Praveen Kataria, Director General, Aryans Group gave away the prizes to the winners and congratulated them. Speaking on this occasion, she said that sports contribute an important role in development of overall personality of a student. Citing the example of various eminent sports personalities, she encouraged the students to adopt sports as profession too.

Prof. B.S.Sidhu, Registrar, Aryans Group; Prof A P Jain, Director, Aryans Group; Ms. Tejinder Kaur, Deputy Director, Aryans Group; Ms. Kusum Sood, Coordinator, Aryans Group and Ms. Punika Mahajan, Coordinator, Aryans Group were Also present on the occasion.

Final Results

Chess-1st –Hakim Aquib (ECE II), 2nd –Rahul Bhandari (CSE VI), 3rd –Ashish Singh (ME IV), Carom board Doubles (Boys)- 1st –Isfaq Bashir (MBA II), Ishfaq Majid Mir (MBA II) 2nd –Ratilal (Poly CE II), Sonu Kumar Mehta (Poly CE II), 3rd – Basit Wani (ME IV), Kawnain (BBA IV), Carom board Doubles (Girls)- 1st- Fahar Ul Nisa (CE IV), Poonam Raidas (ME II) 2nd Shaheena Akhter (CE II) Madhu Dawal (ME IV) Carom Board Singles (Boys)-1st –Basit Wani (ME VI), 2nd –Aamir Amin(Poly CE IV), 3rd –Aadil Rashid (ECE IV), Carom Board Singles (Girls)- 1st Sapna Rani (MBA IV) Radhe Roniya (CE VI)Table tennis, 1ST -Chubertongzuk Ponger (Civil IV), 2ND-Rajev Nepal (BCA II), 3RD-Abhishek Bishwas (CSE IV), 3-Leg Race Race- 1st –Altuf Hussain (ME IV)& Manish Kumar(CE IV), 2ND-MD Shahzad (CSE VI) & Manoj Kumar (ME VI), 3RD-Gaganpreet Singh (ECE VI)& Sukhwinder (ECE VI), Lemon Race- 1st –Rumaisa(ECE VI) Eating Noodles- 1ST-Bilal Malik (BCA II), 2ND-Sumit (MBA IV) 3RD-Deep Prabha (CE IV),Race (200 m, Girls)-1ST-Priya Choudhary (ECE IV), 2ND-Fahar Ul Nisa (CE IV), 3RD-Deep Prabha (CE IV), Race (200 m, Boys)- 1ST-Aman kumar(ME IV), 2ND-Deepankar (EE IV), 3RD-Sukhdev (BA II), Race (100 m, Boys)- 1ST-Deepankar (EE IV), 2ND-Aman Kumar (ME IV), 3RD-Aquib Hussain (BBA IV), Race (100 m, Girls)- 1ST-Deep Prabha (CE IV), 2ND-Priya (ECE IV), 3RD-Dimum Pertin (CE VI),Shotput- 1ST-Roshan Minz (ME IV), 2ND-Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah (CE VI)- 3RD-Neeraj (GNM II), Volley Ball- 1ST –MD Shahzad & Team, Kho Kho (Girls)1st –Priya Chaudhary & Team, Long Jump (Boys)- 1st-Roshan Minz(ME IV)& Amey Panchal (EE IV), 2nd-Aman Kumar (ME IV), 3rd-Himanshu Rathore (CE VI), Long Jump (Girls)- 1st-Tejinder Kaur(B.ed II), 2nd-Komal Minhaz (GNM I), 3rd-Gurpreet Kaur (B.ed II), Discuss throw- 1st – Neeraj (GNM II), 2nd –Jagdeep Singh (CE VI), 3rd – Peerzada Shaub (CE III, Badminton(Girls) 1st- Deep Prabha (CE IV), 2nd- Rumaisa(ECE VI), 3rd- Falak(CE II)Badminton(Boys) 1st- Rahul (EEE II), 2nd –Suraj Bhardwaj(ME II), 3rd- Ashish Kumar (ME IV), Javelin Throw- 1st- Roshan Minz(ME IV), 2nd- Danish Abrar (CE IV), 3rd-Javed Shekh(CE IV), Kabbadi- Manoj kumar & team. Football- Glectic 7, Kho-Kho boys- Mechanical Bulls Team, Baloon Stomp- 1st- Mohsin (EEE III ), Mudasir(CE III), 2nd- Deep Prabha(CE IV), 3rd- Rumaisa (ECE VI).

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